We are the only private equity firm exclusively focused on the education opportunity across Asia.


The Education sector in Asia is undergoing rapid transformation from technology, globalisation and waning government support.


Whilst the exact future is unclear in some countries, its trajectory is unquestioned. We have created Asia's first education focused fund to take advantage of this opportunity.

We invest across the entire education sector – from early childhood programs through to post-graduate degrees – and across the value chain, including core, parallel and ancillary education service providers.  


Independent research proves that specialist private equity funds consistently outperform generalists.

We are specialists. There is immense value in this clarity. Our stakeholders are naturally more comfortable with us due to our industry expertise from real world trials instead of MBA case studies. There is no substitute for experience.

Our decision to focus on the Asian region was also deliberate. We have deep connectivity and proven, repeatable experience working within the region. It’s the ability to open up doors that others cannot. 

“You wouldn’t ask your English professor to help on your Science assignment.”


We were founded on the belief that innovative education businesses considering new models and initiatives will benefit from having an operational and investment partner that shares their values and ambitions.

We believe we are that partner.


Unlike others, we do not just provide financial capital. We have a bench of industry and functional experts that support our businesses with dedicated strategy and operational execution resources; in short, we provide our companies with whatever they need to grow. 



Our team has a unique blend of transaction and operational experience in the education industry which includes decades of collective experience as entrepreneurs, investors and leaders in education. We aspire to be a partner to our stakeholders sharing the risks and rewards and providing results we are all proud to share. 

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