Welcome to The Education Fund

When you do one thing and do it well, you get really good at it. Olympians don’t participate in every event; they specialise. After all, you wouldn’t ask your English teacher for help on your Science homework…. Or your doctor for help on your car. 

We are the first education focused private equity firm in your region. 

The Fund is led by a team with significant experience as entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders in education. It’s a unique blend of investing and operational experience specific to our industry. 

We invest across the entire education sector. From early childhood programs through to post-graduate degrees—and across the value chain, including core, parallel, and ancillary education service providers.

Unlike others, we don’t just provide capital… we do much more. We support our businesses with dedicated strategy and operational execution resources; in short, we provide our companies with whatever they need to grow. 

Due to our industry specialization, we open doors that others can't. Naturally, our stakeholders are more comfortable with us due to our industry expertise gained through real world trials, not MBA case studies. 

Education is undergoing rapid transformation due to new technology, globalisation, and waning government support. Significant opportunities exist for market-driven, student-centric, innovative education businesses who are willing to explore them… and we know how to find them! 

Best of all, research shows that specialist private equity funds consistently outperform generalist funds…. 

We’ve done it before. Now we’re doing it again. And this time, it’s your turn.

We’re The Education Fund

The first education focused private equity firm in your region.

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