Why would you talk to us?

Like so many great education businesses - both old and new – you’ve probably had a few ups and downs.

Maybe you’re like Sarah, and you're dragging your feet to find the capital to grow your business.

Maybe you’re like Jim, you want to retire soon and maximize the value of your business.

Or maybe you’re like Steve… business is booming, but you’re not sure how to take the business to the next level.

Now, imagine if there was a group of dedicated education specialists and experts who could help Sarah, Jim, and Steve with all of these things, and more. That’s where we, The Education Fund, come in.

We are the first education focused private equity firm in your region.

Why would you want to talk to us?

•    Growth? You might need capital to grow your business

•    Sale? You might be thinking about selling some or all of your business

•    Potential? You might believe that your business has a lot more potential

•    Partnership? You might want a business partner who is not a competitor nor a customer

•    Scale? You may have grown to the point where things are starting to “break” and you need some help to scale

We’ve done it before. Now we’re doing it again. And this time, it’s your turn.

We’re The Education Fund

The first education focused private equity firm in your region.

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