Are you like Bob?

Bob is the leader of a growing education business. He wants to scale his business but he feels like he alone is carrying the entire load up the hill. Wasn’t it supposed to get easier as the business scales? Yet instead of the additional team members providing wind to Bob's back, everyone seems to be rowing the boat in a totally different direction. Growth has slowed, profits aren't scaling with revenues, and his family and friends haven't seen Bob in ages. Worse, it seems like what he has done to get the business to the size it is now just doesn't seem to be what will get it to the next level.

Now, imagine if there was a group of dedicated specialists and experts who could help Bob with all of these things, and more.  That’s where we, The Education Fund, come in.

We are the first education focused private equity firm in your region.


In order to scale up the business and enjoy the climb, there are four decisions Bob and the rest of his executive team must get right.

1.     Attract and keep the right PEOPLE
- Clarify your core values
- Learn to spot A-players
- Create a culture of accountability

2.     Have plenty of CASH
- Accelerate cash flow to fuel your growth
- Improve your sales cycle
- Find the key tactics to drive your cash conversion

3.     Create a truly differentiated STRATEGY
- Discover your SWOTs and trends
- Determine your 3 to 5 year strategies to catapult growth
- Identify the critical initiatives for the coming 12 months

4.     Drive flawless EXECUTION
- Learn and apply the right execution habits
- Develop your top priorities for the next 90 days
- Fine-tune processes to run without drama

If you're in the same boat as Bob, we have the tools to help you work through these four decisions, simple tools and practical techniques that our education companies have used to scale to $10 million, $50 million, and $100 million and beyond. These tools will allow you to focus on the market facing activities necessary to grow your business while getting everyone aligned to help you execute your growth plan and most importantly, get your sanity back so you can stop spending all of your trying time trying to keep the wheels from falling off as you wiz down the road.

We’ve done it before. Now we’re doing it again. And this time, it’s your turn.

We’re The Education Fund

The first education focused private equity firm in your region.

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