Education Versus Information

Educational knowledge and informational knowledge—many like to view them as one and the same, but the reality is they’re distinct from each other in pronounced ways.

No? Stop and think about it for a minute.

What are you going to do with your knowledge?   

Educational knowledge is actionable, it can be used to an end. Learning how to think analytically or perform basic accounting functions can be used to write an essay or complete a statement of cash flows.

Informational knowledge isn’t about action, it’s about curiosity:

  • What are Tim Ferris’ thoughts on entrepreneurship?
  • What time is it in China?
  • How many Australian dollars are in one US Dollar?

Informational knowledge is purely about knowing for the sake of knowing. It is a thoughtless engagement with knowledge, expressed in the prevailing behaviour of “Googling” where an answer is quickly retrieved with the aid of the internet. The knowledge gained is limited. It is a byte of information only referenceable and applicable in extremely regimented circumstances.

This stands in opposition to educational knowledge which in effect is mastery over a subject matter, the ability reflexively recall knowledge or skills on demand that can be applied in extremely variable circumstances.

With that said, always build your business’ products and services to cater to educational knowledge. Doing so will broaden the appeal of your company, and better enable it to convey measurable, long-lasting value.